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~Astronaut Enlightenment~

“In the video below, US Apollo Astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, describes his samadhi experience in outer space.

“The presence of divinity became almost palpable, and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes… The knowledge came to me directly.”

Edgar Mitchell later founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences, devoted to the study of consciousness. As the website says, “The essential hypothesis underlying the noetic sciences is simply that consciousness matters.”

The point of this post is to help you realize that when the scientific mind penetrates reality deeply enough, the field of science morphs into the field of spirituality. A traditional scientist is just someone whose understanding of the metaphysical structure of reality is so thin that he hasn’t realized yet that he IS reality! Oh sure, he knows it intellectually, but not deeply enough, not personally enough that it’s flowered into a full-blown spiritual experience.

Flying into outer space helps to put you in touch with your own universal nature. Which is one of the key reasons why human beings are so fascinated with space exploration and space travel: We want to be Cosmic! But the truth is, we already are Cosmic! We’ve always been Cosmic! You don’t need to fly into outer space to realize this because in fact there is no difference between outer space and inner space. The vacuum of outer space is already here, right now, inside your head! You can fly to the edge of the galaxy and all you will ever find is consciousness. But for a mind thoroughly locked in the materialist paradigm it might take something like flying to the moon to realize its folly. A materialist mind needs an epic material revelation of spirit/oneness/consciousness to break through the lock. Something akin to an angel descending down from the clouds with choir music playing.

A traditional scientist is a dabbler in reality. Sure, he knows some formulas and he’s read a lot of books, but it has not dawned on him yet that the nature of reality is pure, radical subjectivity. So he stands too far aloof from his subject matter. He actually believes that the thing he’s studying is separate from himself. He likes to pretend that he is being “objective”. How myopic!”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=34


The ripple effect reflects on the very nature of affecting change

One small stone tossed into a body of water

Causes a ripple effect with a never-ending forward motion

Inspiring yet another circle for those with daring leaps

Cascading metamorphic spreading

Life plays out in ripples, in all we do and say

Coalescing into a reactive contractive game

Manifest your beacon of light cutting through crevices dark

Let your ripples be love, allow love to spark

Can you see the return of the drops collecting into adhesion?

Concentric circles spreading union until the ripple petulance expires into flow

Poetry is a raindrop, conversing with a puddle to initiate a ripple effect

Unaware of the impact of our throwing of pebbles.

~DiosRaw, 04/06/21


Divine operation, my mind a revolving centre

Expansion and fuller expression

Snowflakes of celestial energy

Soft thunderous bursts of consciousness

United recognition of divinity within oneself

Initiates planetary evolution

The sanctum within you of boundless, limitless, unconditioned

Capacity to create infinite

Entranced by the frames

Absorbed within the reality of many

Freezing images that are fluid

Arresting the infinite within the finite

Circling the square, squaring the circle

Attached to the illusion of constant

Paralysed by the scorpions sting.

~DiosRaw, 22/05/21

Poetry By Karin & Amber {1} ~ Patterns In Cosmos

As architect and tenant of our imminent destruction and rebirth, we interlock into the chain of motions
Knowing our calling to this life this time as the phoenix is rising
Spiralling into imminent deaths and cyclical awakenings
Nothing is permanent; we live in a world of change taking each moment as Grace
Neurons firing into dreams, believing sense of the senseless sense patterns
We are beings full of ancestral beliefs and conditioning living in a new existence
Awakening to the collective trauma, ancestral lines running deep within the buried subconscious cycles we unconsciously spin
Asking us to pause and consciously decide what to release to travel lightly into a new future
To dream a new dimension of reality looping in dimensional levels.

By Karin {CicadaFibers} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Conjoined in the infinititude of cyclical rotations

Embedded within every molecule, quark and energetic spark

An absolute of indivisible

We are the hearts of stars, interstellar coalesced into vastness

Part of something far beyond our imagination

We are ants with cellphones, beyond third dimensional comprehension

I became a peculiarity, my own totality, freed from the cacophony

Together with you, I am you and you are me, you see?

I yearn to be the singularity

I strive to be free again, free from polarity.

~DiosRaw, 29/04/21


Asti is a Sanskrit word that means “it is” or “exists.” In the context of Indian philosophy, asti is the root of the word, astika, which refers to any of the classical schools of thought that believe in the existence of God and the authority of the Vedas, in particular. Asti is also the root word of nastika, which refers to those who do not believe in the authority of the Vedas.

Asti is also the name of a minor figure in Hindu mythology. She and her sister, Prapti, were married to Kamsa, who was king of Vrishni and in some accounts is described as a demon.

~Aham Vimarsha~

Aham vimarsha is a Sanskrit term referring to a perfect self-consciousness or a perfect sense of “I am-ness.” Aham translates to “I am” and vimarsha means “free will” or “will-consciousness.” It can also be defined as the “spontaneous vibration of self-consciousness.”

Yogic philosophy explains that the experience of aham vimarsha encompasses simultaneously experiencing one’s own absolute freedom, infinite bliss (or ananda) and the glory of being. This is described in the scriptures in references to Shiva’s recognition, through his inherent shakti, of his own self-consciousness. Thus, aham vimarsha can be considered the essential nature of Shiva and, consequently, the absolute Self.