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Short Stories {3} ~ Paradox Diffusion

Years after searching for God in psychedelics, Rumi had not wavered in her quest for knowledge. Without the benefit of a prescribed social role, she did what she wanted, when she wanted, which was to learn without regard for convention. Today, paradoxes were circulating around her mind, determined, she would not sleep without finding her answer.

At other times and in other places, Rumi would have been burned at the stake, hailed as a prophet, or stoned. The present time simply ignored her. Normal people treated Rumi as a public garbage can, light post, or stalled car, as an obstacle that could be moved but numbed by her surroundings.

“Take your pills NOW,” shouted the nurse down the corridor, from Texas’s renound mental hospital for the “insane.” Rumi rolled her eyes as Nurse Truchin’s sharp voice echoed and bounced off blood stained walls, she was sitting in room 23, her white washed room “gifted” to her by her parents, they could not cope with her cosmic mind anymore. Rumi had been in Senora Texas Mental Hospital for two weeks and she felt on edge, this was her first time in an asylum. Rumi paced up and down her abode, she had to take those dreaded sleeping pills or else they would force it down her throat somehow. Reluctantly she calmly walked down the hallway and was handed her pill through the dorms pill shutter.

Rumi swallowed the pill. “Good, now go back to your room, checks are at 11pm, make sure you are in your bed or you know what will happen,” said Nurse Truchin coldly. Rumi said nothing, she would achieve nothing by responding and quietly returned to her room blocking out the screams from the room beside her’s.

Shutting her door, relieved, she lay on her bed staring at the white washed walls that had become her friend. What were paradoxes? How could two opposing propositions exist at the same time? The sleeping pills were making her more and more drowsy. Lonely and with a heavy heart she pulled the duvet above her head. “A paradox is a statement or problem that either appears to produce two entirely contradictory (yet possible) outcomes, or provides proof for something that goes against what we intuitively expect,” Rumi reiterated inside of her mind.

Hallucinating as she usually did on these pills, she saw imagery quite like her visions on magic mushrooms a few months ago. Warping geometric patterns danced in a trance with eachother as her eyes flickered going in and out of consciousness.

I will sleep on this Rumi decided in her mind drifting off into the astral planes.

Upon awakening her answer had arrived, getting out her notebook she wrote “Paradoxes lead you to God.”

On her day of release, after all this time pretending to act normal to get out of this hell hole of an asylum, Rumi saw Mrs. Truchin as “insane” and Mrs. Truchin saw Rumi as insane. Rumi quietly knew that duality breaks down into formless consciousness; she was sane in an insane world.

“I know one thing,” Rumi said to Mrs. Truchin as she left the asylum doors. “And that is that I know nothing.” Rumi remembered studying ancient Greek philosopher’s such as Socrates years ago. Mrs. Truchin took one bewildered look at Rumi and walked away. Rumi smiled to herself and smelt freedom once again, her taxi was awaiting to pass through the doors into the insane world.

Time is a construct of consciousness and in higher dimensions has no meaning. but, in the lower dimensions it is used to measure changes and in the multitudes of parallel timelines all simultaneously existing. Paradoxes melt into the all, Source, Brahman, Allah, whatever name you stamp onto formless ether.

~DiosRaw 01/04/21



Cushioning our minds with cooling distractions

Camouflaging behind normality

When we’re all insanely mesmerising

Detracting our attention from things that cut deep

Sucking the dummy

In custody, mindlessly floating

Above the mean fissures

Bolting dulled and senseless

We sit back in apathy and bleed out

When all along

The sutures are ours to apply

Peace and calm a breath away

Presence and awareness

To tie us loosely, comfortablely

To reality

Escapism, you’ve just indulged in it.


~DiosRaw, 26/06/21


Co-creating in the spiritual sense, as distinct from the economic and marketing sense, is the conscious attempt to create our environment and life conditions in conjunction with Source according to our wishes and intentions; this is usually achieved through meditation, focussed positive thinking and individual effort for the benefit of ourselves or the wider community.

Co-creation involves our taking responsibility for our own wellbeing and leaving aside a victim mentality. It is a conscious attempt to work with our Higher Self in order to express in tangible form our hidden yearnings and passions. It involves working with Source to realise our highest potential and thus to increase our own happiness and wellbeing as well as that of others.

When our instinct or inner knowledge inspires us to take action to realise a dream, then we are co-creating. When we are inspired to make greater efforts to bring about our life purpose, then we are co-creating. When we become conscious masters of our fate, then we are co-creating.

Co-creation also involves the realisation that we, whether as individuals or working together as groups, have infinite potential to create.

Those on a conscious path of spiritual development are aware of their shared divinity with Divine Source. They understand their unity with all things and share a common vision of a world dedicated to truth, love, harmony, shared knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.

~The Joy Of Creation~

“It took some gamer-nerd 300 hours to build this epic roller coaster. When I saw it, it reminded me of God’s infinite creative potential — of how life and reality just goes on and on and on like an endless roller coaster.


You might wonder, “So what? Why would someone waste 300 hours creating this silly thing? What the point?” The point is CREATION itself! God likes to create amazing stuff just for the hell of it. When you have infinite creative capacity, when you have unlimited intelligence, when you have unlimited power, when you have an eternity — what else are you gonna do? You have somewhere you gotta be?

CREATION is its own end. As you go chasing awakening and Nothingness, do not overlook CREATION! It’s everywhere and everything! You might look at this roller coaster and see some gamer-nerd making something pointless. But that’s not some nerd, that’s God! That is the unlimited creative force of the whole universe materializing itself into a roller coaster! God is the sum total of all chains of creation, of which this roller coaster is one chain. That force is designing everything from atoms to cells to animals to galaxies and beyond. Can you see it? It is unlimited creation. It cannot stop. It bursts infinitely with new creative forms and ideas, ultimately spawning everything that can ever be.

If life feels depressing and bleak, it’s because you’re failing to step into your role as Creator. Creation is a spiritual activity. Every time that gamer-nerd works on perfecting his roller coaster, he’s in church. And when you look upon and delight in his creation, recognizing the God in it, you are in church. What if your work and your church were one and the same? Wouldn’t that be a life worth living?

Never forget, you are a creator. You are THE creator. What are you gonna create with your life?

I hope it’s something at least as cool as this rollercoaster.

P.S. Notice what the guy in the video says at the very end of the ride, at timestamp 10:02. He says, “OH. MY. GOD!” That’s right. That’s exactly right.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=27

Quotes {102} ~ Abandon The Search For God & The Creation

“Abandon the search for God and the Creation and other matters of a similar sort. Look for him by taking yourself as the starting point. Learn who it is within you who makes everything his own and says, ‘My God, my mind, my thought, my soul, my body.’ Learn the sources of sorrow, joy, love, hate. Learn how it happens that one watches without willing, rests without willing, becomes angry without willing, loves without willing. If you carefully investigate these matters you will find him in yourself.” ~ Monoimus, quoted by Hippolytus of Rome

~Holy Shit~

“Imagine someone sprinkled a bag of flawless diamonds into a giant steaming pile of horse manure.

That’s religion in a nutshell.

What makes religion so persistent is that people refuse to give up the shit because there really are diamonds inside there. It’s precisely this mixture of blinding brilliance and utter nonsense that makes religion so sticky. Atheists and rationalists fail to comprehend this dynamic, which is why religion baffles them. The rationalist, try as he might, just cannot satisfactorily explain why religion refuses to go away. It never occurs to him that there could be precious diamonds in the mix.

The Devil, knowing that most humans have a very weak capacity for discernment, simply hides the Truth in a deep pile of shit, which pretty much ensures it will never be found.

Think about this: if you had a precious diamond that you didn’t want anyone to ever find, where would be the best place to hide it?”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=37