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The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers {69} ~ Perfection, Can We Attain It?

“IN the nature of the case, perfection cannot be attained because the question would be what happens after you attain it, when you reach the stage where you have nothing more to achieve? Perfection is an infinite process. It is the constant elimination of dross to allow the pure gold of the spirit to emerge. You cannot put a period to infinity; you cannot put a full stop to eternity.

It is like knowledge. The more you learn, the more you learn there is to be learned. You cannot arrive at the summit of all knowledge. There is an infinite number of planes, levels and spheres, of consciousness. This is an attribute of the spirit which, being infinite, means there will always be a constant development.” ~ The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers, P. 175

Philosophical Questions {119} ~ Why Is There A Deep Relationship Between Philosophy & Art?

What you believe determines the art you produce and philosophy is the formal expression of what you think the universe is essentially. Therefore the artist will produce in art form something that is believed to reflect the nature of the universe and the artist’s relationship to it. This governs every kind of art ~ from pictorial art like paintings, through music, and even including plays and books.

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Did You Know {153} ~ The CIA Once Tried To Create Spy Cats

The 1960s were the peak years of the Cold War, and American intelligence agencies tried some pretty bizarre strategies to get a leg up on the Soviets. In a project called Acoustic Kitty, CIA operatives attempted to implant listening devices into the ears of cats in hopes of eavesdropping on top-secret conversations. They placed the first cat near the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C., but—according to some reports—the poor cat was almost immediately run over by a taxi. The project was shut down in 1967 after the geniuses at the CIA finally figured out how difficult it is to train a cat.


In the history of yoga, the Brahmanas are ancient Indian texts. These consist of prose commentaries on the four Vedas, the oldest Hindu sacred texts, in which the word, yoga, is first used and defined. They are classified as part of the Hindu sruti literature (from the Sanskrit meaning “heard”). There are numerous Brahmana texts from ancient India which have been lost, but 19 still exist in their entirety.

The Brahmanas contain legends, myths, notes on the performance of rituals, as well as explanations of particular sacred words from the Vedas and some philosophy.

Brahmana can also refer to the utterance of a priest, or Brahman. More commonly, it is used to refer to the explanation and meaning of a sacred word.


When the unbroken circle of the world is closing in and coping with the torturous pain is bearing thin

Wafts of you, my lifetime saviour, call from within

I call upon a friend I’ve known for years

Once again to wrap a subtle blanket over all my tears

I climb inside of our rolled bed

Instantly she begins to relieve my head

Tinted glasses cast over instead

Isn’t this how the world feels beyond numbness shrouds?

She allows our cloud to float higher and higher, head in the clouds

Insights pouring through my cortex, downloads channelling into my pineal, compassion and love for Self arriving

Here there are shades of the ego hiding, allowing space for soul guiding

She’s more precious then diamonds and more treasured then gold

Never have I had someone so willing to be bought, traded or sold

She’s the close friend and always there in my toolkit when I need

She’s the one… the smokey one.

~DiosRaw, 20/09/21