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A ripple reverberating the cogs spinning in the system

A cause and effect law of harmony role playing

New spirits, new energy

Souls sparking chemical reactions

New thoughts consult to speak

Past characters play hide and seek

Let our meeting be thus a chemical reaction without the desire of sophistication of verbosity

Nothing lexical, but a morphing of two colours inking

Yellow to deep indigo like i am being oxidized by your yellow sulfuric essence

Persist to hug the resist whilst gifting the transition into

Something kinder
Something greater
Something stronger

Than our sub-stories inside that test tube heated the meta-narrative bunsen burner

I am the essence of my own chemistry I see

And the chemistry of my own chi

The noble nursing gas that gives impetus to my magic

The oxygen and water that give birth to my lyric

My soul takes birth out of the womb of chemistry

For hydrogen and helium dissolve in my tears in floods of poetry

The E motion is knotted to a chemical reaction

A formulae logical notion of electricity and magnetism that convert into a chemical equation

To ellucidate about the chemistry of the cosmos illogically.

~DiosRaw, 14/07/21


To see yonder what can be seen

To know yonder what can be known

You see, what I see is beyond you and me

Loneliness dragged me into the sea

My soul wandering to the blackest deep

My melancholy resounding in the sirens songs

Mermaids sleep beneath my human heap

God’s magic is real, the earth the stage

The stars the lights with a galactic backstage

So great the magic, we cannot comprehend

Beyond our realm, the power to transcend

A siren, for my adoration of mankind, have been caught in fishing nets one time too many

And in those fishing nets I have learned too many unfavorable things about human intentions and the lack of trust and goodwill

Yet also the gifts from pain once I ceased wrestling with the webs

Not going to allow myself to be caught, anymore

The madness of the eyes is the lure of the abyss

Sirens lurk in the dark depths of the pupils as they lurk at the bottom of the sea

I am searching still for the profound and plaintive gazes in which a warm embrace of the quantum intelligence beams.

~DiosRaw, 28/06/21



Cushioning our minds with cooling distractions

Camouflaging behind normality

When we’re all insanely mesmerising

Detracting our attention from things that cut deep

Sucking the dummy

In custody, mindlessly floating

Above the mean fissures

Bolting dulled and senseless

We sit back in apathy and bleed out

When all along

The sutures are ours to apply

Peace and calm a breath away

Presence and awareness

To tie us loosely, comfortablely

To reality

Escapism, you’ve just indulged in it.


~DiosRaw, 26/06/21


Am interconnected civilization hypnotised on drugs

Conversations, substances, materialism, ideas, hidden in coffee mugs

Society has decayed from drugs and abuse

The crime and tragedies that stem from their abuse

Transforming pure souls people into additive behaviour

Spinning us away from our true saviour

The organised crime with their tentacles reach

Corrupting, sucking life force leech

As personalities mutate

Into reaching an ever disappearing high state

All the drugs in this world won’t bring back your past

Some try every high they can touch, hoping it will last

Living for the addiction

One high after the next high

This sick addiction I’m living for

Without it emptiness ensues

A medicated lethal concoction

Telling yourself freedom will be tomorrow

Left in the shadows of sorrow

Trying to escape until something touches you

All the highs in the world won’t last

They won’t bring back your past

An angel trying to grasp home

Cycling round in the circus hypermind palindrome.

~DiosRaw, 20/05/21

Short Stories {9} ~ Desert Rose, Ages Of Souls

Adina, a desert tribal girl, had been sent to venture out into the dunes with her friends from the local tribe confederation along with two tanned stealthy dogs {to ward off any intruders of the Deasian lands.} The group were scanning their surroundings for the Desert Rose, the first to discover the rose would find the secrets to the age of their soul, whispered to them through telepathic plant intelligence.

The group knew eachother well, there wasn’t so much competitiveness yet Adina could converse with the universe like no other in the tribal lands. Adina was born with a scared gift, she could commune with nature and the mother Gaia. Adini silently walked along the dusty dunes feeling the energy of the desert rose. This taurus astrological girl was well read and had been homeschooled by her parents teaching her the ways of the land. Her mother, who she was very close to, had given her pieces of information before she left on the quest to find the answer to her soul age. In the back of her mind her mother’s voice echoed Adenium obesum is a poisonous species of flowering plant belonging to tribe Nerieae of subfamily Apocynoideae of the dogbane family, Apocynaceae, that is native to the Sahel regions, south of the Sahara, and tropical and subtropical eastern and southern Africa and Arabia. Remember you are an old soul, you know how to feel your way. The Desert Rose plant spirit will appear to the ones who psychically feel their way to her.”

The group split into pairs and would meet by the only green oasis in the desert once the answer had been found.

Adini walked along with Jamal, a boy she was very fond of and would talk to him on a regular basis. Although their relationship had become strained through long distances of family migration, they were united again.

“Jamal,” Adini gently spoke as they walk side by side, sweat dripping from their clothes. “Have some water, here.” Adini took out a bottle of water from her satchel which Jamal gulped down eagerly. “They say life is a “journey,” a “school” and is here to teach us “important lessons.” But why?” asked Adini to Jamal. Jamal shrugged his shoulders and looked on into the endless horizon of sand; he wasn’t interested, he was too hot to talk.

“Have you ever considered the possibility that the lessons we learn and wisdom we accumulate in this life, extends into other lives? Is it perhaps possible that our life is not the only journey of experience, advancement and maturing – but the whole of conscious existence is?” Adini mused navigating her way, feeling the pull of the Desert Rose spirit.

“Adini, I’m going to wait here by this tree, I believe in you. You will find it, you have the capabilities and faculties of the mind to,” Jamal said gasping for breath, steading himself against the tree. “Jamal, I promise you I will find it and bring back answers, I can feel her pull. I will see you here, if you do not see me within the next hour send the dogs,” shouted Adini as she ran towards her calling, “Stay here.”

Adini ventured far out, hearing the Desert Rose’s calls. At first she thought she had found the rose, but it was not, a pink, similar-looking flower had been poking out from a bank. “Adini,” whispered the Desert Rose inside Adini’s consciousness. Adini could feel herself getting warmer, closer towards her goal. The desert rose sat solitary behind a dune. Adini sat next to the plant and telepathically received information.

“According to the Soul Age theory from the Pleadians, man doesn’t have simply one shot at living and learning. He has multiple lifetimes in which to grow, learn and mature. Soul Ages are based on the different levels of advancement a soul obtains throughout its reincarnational journey. As a person progresses through the hierarchy, paying off karma as he or she advances, it is said that he or she is free to return to universal and infinite consciousness at the end, achieving final liberation. Some call this the state of “nirvana”, others “heaven” and others “paradise,” said the Desert Rose whilst Adini lay in a trance on the little grass she could find to rest her head on.

Adini had found her answer, she could bring back the knowledge to the group and tell her mother how true she was to always have believed in her extrasensory gifts.

Life is not always about what age you are in human terms, what of soul age? Once we see past the labels, concepts and numbers of human life, we can get in touch with the true nature of the soul essence the person is expressing. Soul age is a progression of stages of learning in the Spirit World. Adini was an old soul, from a planet in the Pleiades star cluster, sent for her mission to live a human life, on the outside portrayed as young, inside a wise old soul destined for greatness and beauty.

~DiosRaw, 15/04/21

Inspired by a girl I once knew who is a beautiful, endearing and creative soul.