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Tears prick

The reminiscent

Plantom girl I once was

Before trauma decimated

My finely crafted mind

Enlightenment focus inclined

Monk aligned

Seeping wound

Oozing whips to the heart

Behind a glass

Pressing hands against the window

Which separates us

I can see you

But you cannot see me

Breathing on the translucent

To paint my mark in condensation

Talking to you, to this self, in conversation

Bound in a cast

The movie of life everlast

Ego fractals split

Infinite knots and fragments

Nose stinging

Eyes watering

I cannot cry for you

For I am concealed in a comatose pharmacological state

Where inner emotions and the past cannot relate

Is it too late

Closing the cosmic gate

Into soul fate

I fell for the bait

Tears prick

Phantom girl I once was.

~DiosRaw 03/04/21