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Guest Posts {6} ~ You Deserve To Be Yourself

~This is a guest post from Taruchaya ~ https://taruchaya.wordpress.com~

There may be certain times
when you want to drown your inner voice.
And all other discordant noises
of those we can’t ignore by choice.
There’s a battle of emotions,
somewhere dark and deep inside.
Though you desperately want to revolt
but are meticulously moulded to abide.
Why are you so utterly weak while
there are countless others who fight?
Why be so pitifully submissive,
when you know you are right?
You ain’t a saint worshipped on an altar.
You ain’t a blasphemous sinner.
An idealistic race no longer exists
to declare a loser or winner.
Your silence is not a fatal flaw…
people aren’t conditioned to hear.
They only listen to what they want-
silence is something they fear.
Its okay to dread your own thoughts.
Its okay to not want to hear oneself.
You can curl back into your cocoon.
You deserve to be yourself!

© Taruchaya

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