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~Any Intolerable Experience Generally Leads To Dissociation Of One Kind Or Another~

“Because the soul is incapable of tolerating the direct impact of traumatic event or situation, the organism becomes overwhelmed and goes into emergency mode. A dimension of the organism becomes frozen emotionally and energetically, a frozenness that ends up being repressed or split off from consciousness. This then influences conscious experience in ways that might not be obvious to the individual, as has been identified as posttraumatic stress disorder. What is significant for our exploration here is that the soul cannot at the time tolerate the sensations, feelings, and visual images associated to the incident or situation. This intolerance makes the soul dissociate, a defense mechanism often seen in traumatized individuals. The soul deals with the intolerable situation by not experiencing it directly, either by totally blocking it out of consciousness or by retaining the memory while becoming numb to its emotional and feeling significance. But for the soul to do that she would need to limit and lower the intensity of her awareness. Since the essential presence is pure presence of awareness the dissociation will have to include dissociation from this inner ground of the soul for it to be effective. In other words, in order for the soul to dissociate from the traumatic event or situation it inadvertently dissociates from her essential presence. Something similar happens in the case of severe abuse of any kind. In fact, any intolerable experience generally leads to dissociation of one kind or another, all of which result in dissociation of the soul from her essential ground. This dissociation then becomes structured into the identity and character of the developing soul.”

~The Inner Journey Home, pg. 171


I show myself in parts, shattered mirror pieces

Seeking wholeness, to only find holes, blackholes

My edges are outlined in tripwire

There is no map to this terrain, only my self manifested reality

I’m somewhere, yet not here

I perpetually glue myself together, in doses of hopes in finding lost shards

To bridge the chasm grown betwixt

All that was and will be

Galaxies between myself and the world

Universes between myself and I

A character in someone else’s dream

A thought in a melancholy mind

Growing someone else’s hair?

Fully embodied within this space vehicle?

Dissociated splintered soul.

~DiosRaw, 06/05/21