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Planes of existence intervening

Inside an altered reality interweaving

Where time crumbles to dissipate into no meaning

Insights glow remarkably clear through symbols and imagery perceiving

Fly with me in wonderland, leave your ego at the door

The nether world will greet you when the last grain of sand drops

Within the magical hourglass inside our maker’s thoughts

Layer after layer unfolding, an onion peeled back until the fear reveals the quivering ego

Drowned by the light of a supernova

An enlightened mind never the same

Gulped by the sound of silent yet deafening visionary phenomena

Walk with me through the looking glass

Leaving your space vehicle behind

Waking up in the dream, your mind is finally free

Overlapping dimensional planes forming a river of energy

Intersecting many ways to be in this life

Standing on a cliff of diamonds, I see the world standing on a cliff of diamonds reflected back

And other dimensional insect beings operating on and repairing this meat flesh suit

Entirety of concepts of this physical world

Shattered whilst I witnessed infinity unfurled

My soul left my body, catapulted above

To a place transcending into a realm of love

Catapulted into infinity through all its patterned veils

A kaleidoscopic carnival full of intergalactic trails

Leading through an astounding matrix of mandala formations

Their intense embrace of loving energy I can’t begin to explain

It’s a place that dissolved away all sadness or pain

There’s no linearity of time, nor concept of “self”

Earth was temporarily placed on a undisclosed shelf

I inhabited the deepest recesses of my antenna brain

Experiencing my sub consciousness on a multi-dimensional plane

And entered a cathedral expanse divinely in scape

The Godhead of eternity was the place that I was in

A realm of unimaginable fountains of light and power where our souls begin

Integrating knowledge of existence focused on what mattered

When the world was reassembled after the ego was shattered

No longer terrorised by death, even if I try

For I know deep in my heart that our spirits never die

The day will come to shed this mortal coil in which we all reside

But our soul’s energy will live forever on God’s epic rollarcoaster ride

This is a story of the journey I undertook

Into the forever that morphed how the universe looked.

~DiosRaw, 08/06/21

~The Pineal Gland Artist~

“Shawn Thornton was a regular artist until he got diagnosed with cancer of the pineal gland. Apparently a rare case. After which he started to experience spontaneous, DMT-like spiritual imagery which transformed his art. His work became filled with mythological themes and symbolism, exhibiting many classic spiritual and New Age tropes.

Mere coincidence?

Take a look at some of his amazing work:”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=50