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Crystals {1} ~ What Are They?

Crystals amplify and raise energy vibrations, whether this is for you, your space, your home or even your pets. They can make us more aware of our own energy as well as offering a helping hand to keep us present and in the moment. Perhaps in this manic digital age where distraction is everywhere, this is why crystals are having such a moment. They help support us when we are blocked, lacking in energy, feel slowed down or need calming.

There is evidence to suggest that crystals have been used in healing for around 6,000 years, dating back to Sumerians and ancient Egyptians. Nowadays the use of crystal healing relates more to the Buddhist and Hindu understanding of our ‘chakras’ (the energy centres in our body). Regardless, all of the different practices relating to crystal healing assign different properties to different types of crystals. The effect of each crystal changes not just with its type but also its shape and how it has been activated and cleansed.

~Sankalp Shakti~

Sankalp shakti is a Sanskrit term that refers to willpower. Sankalp means “determination,” “resolve” or “conviction,” while shakti refers to the primordial cosmic energy and is translated as “power” or “empowerment.”

Sankalp shakti is the tool or driving force that the yogi can use on his path to inner transformation. The yogi needs sankalp shakti to apply the knowledge and instruction he receives from his teacher. Without sankalp shakti, spiritual transformation and Self-realization are not possible.


Sushumna is the name given to the main energy channel of the subtle body, or sushumna nadi. According to yoga and Ayurveda, vital life force energy known as prana travels along energy pathways called nadis.
While there are said to be 72,000 of these channels within the subtle body (pranamaya kosha), there are only three primary nadis; ida, pingala and sushumna, corresponding with the left, right and central line of the body respectively.

The sushumna is the most important nadi, running down the central axis of the body through the spinal cord. Individuals may only experience a pure and equanimous state of mind when prana flows freely through the sushumna.

When impurities or blockages exist in the other nadis of the body, prana is not able to flow freely through the sushumna, leading to mental and physical imbalances.

Spiritual Laws {7} ~ Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that everything around us is in constant flux. You can’t see all of these changes because many of them exist at the cellular or atomic level, but they carry on regardless.

The reason that it’s so important to be aware of this Law is that it helps you see how you can trigger positive change. Specifically, keep in mind that high vibrations can trigger improvements in low vibrations. For example, if you’re vibrating at a low frequency, exposing yourself to the high frequency of a happy, encouraging friend will naturally trigger energy transmutation in you.


Breatharianism is the belief that survival without the consumption of food is possible and that prana alone can sustain one’s life. Also called inedia, a Latin word which means “fasting,” breatharianism is to live on sunlight, the source of prana, which is considered the life force by Hindu philosophy.

~Primal Energy~

In yoga and Indian philosophy, primal energy is that energy of the higher Self, the universe, creation and the Divine. Tapping into this spiritual energy brings the yogi closer to liberation and union with the higher Self.

Primal energy is defined as the life-force energy that moves throughout the universe and is described as synonymous with or an aspect of kundalini or shakti, the creative energy of the universe. In yoga, tapping into primal energy can ground, heal and alter consciousness, ultimately leading to enlightenment.

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