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~The Trap Of The Good Life~

“The trap of human life boils down to this:

In life there are things which feel good but are very bad for you. And there are things which feel bad but are very good for you.

The trick to a great life is to always be keenly aware of this trap and to proactively and counter-intuitively act against it.

Wisdom is doing that which feels bad but is very good for you. Foolishness is doing that which feels good but is very bad for you.

Contemplate how many times you’ve fallen into this trap.

The good life is so counter-intuitive it’s hiding from you in plain sight. Having the good life is not just a matter of working hard or achieving more, it’s about seeing reality in a different way. It’s fundamentally a problem of perception. Which is why the wise highly value right perception and fools do not.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights

~You Are Proof Of God~

“People keep wanting a proof for God. But what never occurs to them is that God is so selflessly doing the human you that God becomes invisible.

God is invisible BECAUSE it is absolutely selfless!

Since God is ONE, it’s selflessness and your selfishness precisely occupy the same space. You can’t see God because your finite self lies perfectly in its place. Or, in other words, God is BEING you so profoundly that all you see is your human self instead of God.

God’s absolute selflessness is what allows you to be so selfish. You don’t see God because God is fully giving you what you want: to be your finite self. Which leaves no more room to see God. To see God you’d have to give up yourself. But you want to keep yourself and still see God. Well, that’s impossible because God is absolute selflessness!

If you want proof of God become selfless and you will realize that God is you. You are God’s existence proof! — but only if you manage to recognize yourself as God. It’s not a matter of proof, it’s a matter of recognition.

The reason you cannot prove God is because you assume God is other to you, and you’re too selfish to surrender yourself to discover that God isn’t other, it’s YOU!

It’s like you’re trying to yank up a rug without recognizing that the reason it won’t budge is because you’re standing on it. “But Leo! The rug really won’t budge!”

Of course! Get out the fucking way first!

“I am human” << this one idea is what prevents you from proving God. So long as you keep imagining and insisting that you are human you are doomed to be disconnected from God — your True Self. Your whole life you have been denying yourself, and you dare to call this humility. No! This fake humility is the height of egotism.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights

Yoga {37} ~ Asanas/Poses {26} ~ Supta Bhairavasana/Reclining Formidable Pose

Supta bhairavasana is an advanced yoga pose that provides an intense leg and hip stretch.

Beginning in dandasana (seated with both legs straight), one leg is lifted and weaves under the arm on the same side, then around the back of the neck. The hands take prayer position at the center of the chest. For the full expression of the pose, the body reclines and the drishti is toward the sky.

In English, this asana is called reclining formidable pose.

~God Is “You”~

“It is enough to study the human body in detail to realize that Infinite Intelligence exists. Your body is not some fucking accident, it is a design of a genius consciousness that should boggle your finite mind.

You should also contemplate how poorly you treat such a beautiful piece of high performance engineering with the kind of junk you fuel it with.

Notice how much intelligence went into creating your body, and how little intelligence you put into maintaining it.

What if you started treating your body as if you were conscious that God gave you one of the most intelligently designed vehicles in the Universe? What if you became conscious enough to realize that your body is God!

Stop looking for God in the clouds. Your body is literally God! God didn’t just create your body, God is your body! God creates your body by being it, by actively holding it within consciousness — NOW! NOW! NOW! The body is not a static physical object. The body doesn’t create consciousness. Consciousness actively imagines the body. The flow of every particle of blood, the division of every cell, the regulation of every organ — this is happening in real-time within Your/God’s consciousness using Infinite Universal Intelligence. That’s what a body is.

Imagine that God knocked on your front door and asked to have dinner with you. What would you serve God for dinner? A plate full of toxic junk?

Remember that next time you get the urge to gobble down a Big Mac.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights

~Unlimited Love~

“What is reality?

Unlimited Love.

Unlimited Love is a selflessness so deep it loves every possible limit at can be brought into Consciousness.

The profundity of God’s Love is that it recognizes that not all finite parts of itself are ready or willing to surrender all their attachments to experience Unlimited Love. God is perfectly okay if a human decides to forestall Unlimited Love in favor of something lesser — like chasing sex, success, or fame. God’s Love loves your neediness, your attachment, your small-minded materialism.

You beat yourself up for not being a better person. But God does not. God understands that it is impossible for you to be a better person without surrendering your finite attachments, and God understands why you aren’t willing to surrender them: because you are afraid to lose the little bit of love that you’ve found in life. God knows that if you would just have the courage to surrender everything you would realize Unlimited Love. You would merge with and become God. But God knows you cannot be forced into this, you must come to it through conscious choice, because Self-Consciousness IS Love. To see yourself completely is to fall in love with yourself completely. So God waits patiently for you to recognize that you are needlessly limiting your love of Self. And since you ARE God, the only way God can complete itself is when YOU realize your own love. If YOU don’t do it, who will? Don’t you see, silly, that there is no “other” who can do it because the realization of the highest Love is so profound it cannot leave any room for anything other than itself, anything other than yourself.

The highest Love is to allow every sentient being in the Universe to cling to whatever finite attachments they have, without forcing them to accept Unlimited Love, but slowly nudging them along.

To truly Love someone is to accept them EXACTLY as they are, even if they are scared, ignorant, unconscious, attached, needy, clingy, closedminded, delusional, ugly. To truly Love someone is to not have any way you need them to be for you, because you are so selfless you have no needs. You just accept whatever is. When Love reaches this height it becomes identical to Absolute Truth.

And this is all there is to reality. Reality is nothing more than a single Infinite Mind, an Infinite Consciousness, struggling to accept itself absolutely as it is. When this struggle is occurring we call it life. When this struggle is complete, we call it death.

The only reason God seems so outlandish, distant, and “other” to you, is because you are not willing to surrender all your attachments to realize that God is you. And God is okay with that. How can God show you that God is you when you are so deeply attached to a finite identity, yet God’s identity is Infinite? Don’t you see that to realize an Infinite identity requires surrendering all finite identities?

Literally, the only way you can realize Infinite Love is if you surrender every idea you have that some parts of reality are not Love. But you are too selfish to do that. Therefore you are incapable of seeing that reality is Love. What prevents you from seeing it is your attachment to everything in the Universe that you hate, fear, reject, and wish weren’t so.

Mailman lost your package? Boyfriend cheated on you? Girl rejected you? Fire burned down your house? Car ran over your dog? — How can you realize that reality is Love when you hate, fear, and reject these aspects of reality? You don’t have sufficient consciousness to see the Love in it, therefore to a finite self reality is anything but Absolute Love.

The only problem is that your lenses are befogged with selfishness. Don’t you get it? If Love is selflessness, how can you expect to see it when you are selfish??

Notice this: the deeper you love, the more it kills you. Which is why you fear loving too deeply. Love kills the finite identity by replacing it with an ever-expanding, infinite identity. And if you could no longer identify yourself as any finite thing, you’d be dead. Hence Infinite Love = Death

Maybe now you can appreciate why no human embodies Infinite Love. Infinite Love cannot be embodied. Since it is too vast to fit into any finite body. You can’t see Infinite Love precisely because it is unlimited. It is EVERYTHING! It is not one body, it is ALL possible bodies! It is ALL possible embodiments! So maybe now you can appreciate why all humans are the embodiment of Infinite Love.

So what’s the point of life? To see how deeply you can love it before it kills you. Love will kill you one way or another. How it kills you is up to you. There is no escaping Infinity.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights


Master, in the context of yoga, is generally used to refer to a person who has achieved a level of self-mastery. A master may be considered as a yogi who is Self-realized. The title may also be used by a yoga student as a respectful way to address their guru or spiritual leader. In fact, guru is a Sanskrit term meaning “master” or “teacher.”

It is said in the Bhagavad Gita that it is possible to acquire transcendental knowledge from a master through humble service, reverence and devotion to them. The master may have the power to enlighten the minds of his/her students, to give them initiatory mantras, and/or to instruct them in rituals and ceremonies for their spiritual development.