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~Spiritual Evolution~

Spiritual evolution is the philosophical, theological, esoteric or spiritual idea that nature and human beings and/or human culture evolve along a predetermined cosmological pattern or ascent, or in accordance with certain pre-determined potentials. The term higher evolution is used in Theosophy and in Buddhism to indicate the development of consciousness in human beings, as distinct from, although continuous with, the ‘lower’ or biological evolution within the animal kingdom up to the human level.

Spirituality {11} ~ Light Workers

According to spiritual literature, a light worker is a spiritual being who is consciously dedicated to the concept of spreading the Light of knowledge, truth, love, harmony and compassion in the wider community and throughout the universe. In that sense, we are all light workers to some extent or will be when we develop our spirituality to the point of conscious awareness of our spiritual nature.

Light workers are said to have certain characteristics in common: a sense of a spiritual mission; a sense of being somewhat different from others in that they may not fit readily into fixed societal structures; for this reason, they are often solitary in nature; they are often anti-authoritarian since they distrust power and hierarchies; they have consciously used adverse life circumstances to develop their spirituality. These are not ‘superior’ souls. They are often ‘older’, more experienced souls, who return to the Earth plane to assist in its spiritual development or souls who are more consciously linked to Source. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity, to cultivate enlightenment and be a focal point to enable higher vibrational Light waves to counter-balance lower vibrational energies.


Punyanumodana is a Sanskrit term that means “rejoicing in merit.” It is one of the spiritual exercises that comprise anuttara puja , also known as “supreme worship” or “seven-fold worship.” Anuttara puja is a method of devotion developed by the seventh-century Indian master, Shantideva. It consists of seven spiritual exercises and is typically practiced in the Buddhist tradition.

Punyanumodana comes from the Sanskrit, punya, which is generally translated as “virtue” or “favorable” and refers to actions that elevate a person and have positive outcomes; and anumodana, which translates as “assent” or “acceptance.” Punyanumodana, therefore, is the spiritual exercise that honors one’s own and others’ positive qualities.

~Zero-Point Singularity Merging Timelines~

It is time when all timelines merge into the singularity of one. When past meets future and all is existing in the everlasting ever-present eternal now. All is simultaneously happening right now. Time is collapsing as we know it to be. Zero-point is an inevitable probability for all beings. It all takes proper alight with our consciousness toroidal fields to all be oscillating in the same rotational direction and to be in synchronicity as one.