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Philosophical Questions {73} ~ Should People Have The Right To Live & Travel Anywhere Yhey Wish With No State Or Country Boundaries?

I believe we are sovereign beings that can choose for ourselves where we want to be in this world.. However, because of a lack of awareness and “low-consicousnes on this planet some order is needed at this time.

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

The Human Family Crash Course Series {7} ~ Magic {2} ~ Where Did Magic Orginiate From?

Welcome fellow souls to « The Human Family Crash Course Series, » a new project collaborated together by empress2inspire.blog and dios-raw.com. Together we will be working on a different topic for each crash course; our seventh topic is focused on «Magic». Each topic will have eight posts with posts on Mondays and Thursdays. We hope you enjoy our series and we look forward to knowing how our posts have inspired you!

Where Did Magic Originate? This is a question that has no right or wrong answer. There are various schools of thought and we will try to cover in brief all of them.

To the modern mind, the word “magic” likely conjures up images of Hogwarts and other fantastical and exclusive realms. Yet in the ancient world, magic was not only a perceived reality, but was also accessible to many people. Surviving literature and archaeological remains from ancient societies surrounding the Mediterranean, including those of Egypt, the Near East, Greece, and Rome, reveal the extent to which magic pervaded most aspects of life in antiquity.

Magic, often overlapping with what today might be considered science or religion, was a resource for mediating one’s interaction with society and the world. It was a source of protection; a means for healing; a method for ensuring success in business, love, and reproduction; and a platform for predicting the uncertain future. It even lay at the root of many funerary practices. Thus, from birth until death, magic touched all stages of human life.

The Western conception of magic is rooted in the ancient Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman heritage. The tradition took further shape in northern Europe during the medieval and early modern period before spreading to other parts of the globe through European exploration and colonialism after 1500. The view of Western civilization as a story of progress includes the magic-religion-science paradigm that traces the “rise” and “decline” of magic and then religion, along with the final triumph of science—a model now challenged by scholars. Moreover, the very origins of the word magic raise questions about ways in which one person’s religion is another person’s magic, and vice versa.

The term “magical realism” was first introduced by Franz Roh, a German art critic, who considered magical realism an art category. To him, it was a way of representing and responding to reality and pictorially depicting the enigmas of reality. In Latin America in the 1940s, magical realism was a way to express the realistic American mentality and create an autonomous style of literature. Yet, magical realism is not confined to Latin American literature alone, for many Latin American writers have influenced writers around the world, such as Indian writer Salman Rushdie and Nigerian poet and novelist Ben Okri.

Magical realism is characterized by two conflicting perspectives, one based on a rational view of reality and the other on the acceptance of the supernatural as prosaic reality. Magical realism differs from pure fantasy primarily because it is set in a normal, modern world with authentic descriptions of humans and society. According to Angel Flores, magical realism involves the fusion of the real and the fantastic, or as he claims, “an amalgamation of realism and fantasy”. The presence of the supernatural in magical realism is often connected to the primeval or “magical’ Indian mentality, which exists in conjunction with European rationality. According to Ray Verzasconi, as well as other critics, magical realism is “an expression of the New World reality which at once combines the rational elements of the European super-civilization, and the irrational elements of a primitive America.” Gonzalez Echchevarria believes that magical realism offers a worldview that is not based on natural or physical laws nor objective reality. However, the fictional world is not separated from reality either.

At the end of the day, it boils down to what you want to believe, which science do you want to depend on. Believing is magic, Faith is magic. Love is magic.

~Garima {Empress2Inspire}

Did You Know {98} ~ We Automatically Second-Guess Ourselves When Other People Disagree

In a famous 1950s experiment, college students were asked to point out which of three lines was the same length as a fourth. When they heard others (who were in on the experiment) choose an answer that was clearly wrong, the participants followed their lead and gave that same wrong answer.


Avadhuta is a Sanskrit term used to refer to a person who has reached a stage in their spiritual development in which they are beyond worldly concerns. People who have reached the stage of avadhuta may act without taking into account common social etiquette or their own ego. This term is often used in the cases of mystics or saints.

Advanced yoga practitioners may find inspiration in the idea of reaching this stage through further sustained meditation and asana practice.


As I touched my skin

I realized this is my temple

This is my home

Gorging with impunity to fill an empty void

Of hollow needs and guilty deeds that fester

Unceasingly into fissures of a vacuous soul

Searching without finding a way to make it whole

Purging with obsession to cleanse a tarnished image

Of distorted ideals with unrealistic appeals that flaunts

False messages onto unsuspecting circuits of the mind

Revolving endlessly without stopping to unwind

Binging with a ravenous urge to quell the anguish

Of taunted jeers and unfounded fears of rejection

Spinning uncontrollably without cause or reason

Into fragmented notions and confused emotions

Repelling with compulsion to assuage the shame

Of inaccessible goals and lost controls that mock

Incessantly with bitterness that burns the wounds within

Disgorging undigested pieces of a broken whole

When all its wounds and scars have been saline-rinsed

Where does Love find the wherewithal
to try again? Endeavor.

~DiosRaw, 19/06/21


Lakshmiyei is the formal and endearing name of Goddess Lakshmi, one of the most popular Hindu deities because of her association with abundance and wealth. She is one-third of the divine feminine trinity that includes Saraswati and Parvati, and she is the consort and counterpart of Vishnu, balancing his masculine energy with her feminine, shakti energy.

The formal Lakshmiyei (meaning “one who is Lakshmi”) is often used in Sanskrit mantras to call upon the goddess to bless the faithful with both material and spiritual abundance.


Saraswatyai is the formal name of the Hindu goddess, Saraswati, known as the mother of the Vedas and champion of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. She is part of the divine feminine trinity that includes Lakshmi and Parvati, and she is the consort and counterpart of Brahma, the creator god.

The formal Saraswatyai (meaning “one who is Saraswati”) is often employed in Sanskrit mantras, whereby the faithful call upon the goddess to awaken her shakti energy. Yogis chant mantras to relax the mind and focus concentration on one thought – in the case of Saraswati mantras, opening the mind to wisdom.

~Creating Intelligence~

“Beyond merely a game, this video showcases two of the deepest aspects of intelligence: counter-intuitiveness and holism.

An inferior Go player cannot appreciate the move of a superior Go player because the inferior player lacks the scope of holistic vision necessary to put the move into its proper context. Therefore making the move counter-intuitive. The smartest move, seen from a narrow perspective, appears stupid. And to a fool, great wisdom appears like foolishness. Great wisdom can only be appreciated from a holistic enough perspective. Moves that seem bad from a small picture view are actually the highest good in the big picture view.

There is a deep analogy here between the intelligence of playing games and the intelligence of the structure of Universe. See, the finite human mind is unable to see the Infinite Intelligence and Love behind moves such as theft, murder, torture, abuse, suffering, pain, etc. That’s because understanding these things requires an infinitely wide view of the entire board.

Consider this possibility: if you became conscious enough to see the ENTIRE board of reality, and if you played through every possible scenario — infinite scenarios for an infinite number of years — what you’d realize is that reality is Perfect exactly as it is. Reality IS always the best possible move when seen from an infinitely holistic perspective.

If you think there is a problem with the world, that just means you’re not seeing far enough moves ahead. And if you’re seeing far enough ahead, then you will become unable to find a problem with the world.

There are no flaws. The design of reality is PERFECT. The only question is, will you ever become conscious enough to see it?”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights