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~Third Eye~

This is also known as the ‘inner eye’. It is said to be our innate ability to see beyond ordinary sight. Accessing our Third Eye which is located in the brow chakra, above and between both eyes, is one way we can access knowledge, information and understanding. It is said to be a gateway to our Higher Self or Consciousness. In the past, those who have been able to access Third Eye information were often known as ‘Seers’. The Third Eye is often linked to the pineal gland which is located in the same area. The ability to access Third Eye information is available to all but it often takes much meditative practice to be able to access this inner life function.

Did You Know {49} ~ Eye Of Sahara, Africa

The Eye Of Sahara in Africa occured when subsurface volcanic flow eventually pushed up the overlying layers of sandstone and other rocks. After the volcanism died down, wind and water erosion began to eat away at the domed layers of rock. The region began to settle down and collapse in on itself, creating the roughly circular eye feature.

Symbols {26} ~ Evil Eye

The evil eye is related to the hamsa, and it’s a pervasive theme in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and even ancient Greek and Roman cultures. “The idea is that the evil eye is somebody putting too much emphasis on you,” explains Sundaram. “They’re paying too much attention to you.” The symbol dates back to sixth century B.C., and today it is often worn or displayed as a talisman to ward off any ill will from people.