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Letting go of lieing to myself I can fix him

He’s been this way for a long long time

And he doesn’t intend to change

Don’t be a sacrificial lame on the altar of his jekyll and hyde rage

Don’t play the martyr for his low vibrational hate

I’m not that chained up person interrogated nights and days anymore

You can never save someone by allowing them to destroy you

That’s not love, it’s relational suicide

Save yourself

Get out while you still can

They’ll stab you in the lungs

And enquire as to why you’re having trouble breathing

Anxiety, pain, fear, weak, worry

I had no idea how I’d come up with this strength in such a hurry

Closed my eyes and took a leap into the abyss of the unknown

I knew I had to get out

My soul’s language urged to direct into a new tributary route.

~DiosRaw, 13/07/21


Parigraha is the concept of possessiveness and greed. It also refers to the desire for and attachment to material things. The word comes from the Sanskrit, pari, meaning “on all sides,” and graha, meaning “to grab.” Therefore, the term may be translated as “taking more than one needs.”

In yoga, parigraha is the opposite of aparigrapha (non-possessiveness). Striving for aparigraha, or eliminating parigraha, is one of the yamas (restraints) that the sage, Patanjali, lists in his Yoga Sutras.

Guest Posts {1} ~ Authentic Colors

~This is a guest post from Linda ~ http://spiritualfantasia.com~

Your Light source gleams

Beyond the limits of the mind!

Find the freedom,

To let it shine!

There might be pressure to

Cut yourself with harsh lines,

And box yourself in tight spaces

That can’t fit your size.

Nevertheless, your Light will

Find a way

To shine outside

These lines.

Brighter still

Your Light never dims.

It explodes with colors

And breaks conformity!

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