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~You Cannot Be Objective About A Thing You Fear Or Hate~

“Notice, you cannot be objective about a thing which you fear or hate.

Corollary: you cannot discover Truth, or embody Truth, so long as there is fear or hate in you. All fear and hate must be surrendered. All! Without exception. Even your fear of the danger of not being able to fear or hate any more.

“Hate” here isn’t limited to violent rage. Hate includes: judgment, criticism, condemnation, demonization, anger, ill-will, vengeance, disgust, desire to destroy, having enemies, and justifications for your hate.

Mild forms of fear and hate are still fear and hate. Fear and hate can be very subtle.

All justifications for fear and hate are delusion. All attempts to explain why your fear or hate is valid, “good”, necessary, or warranted, are delusion — only doubling down on your position.

Fear and hate are inversely proportional to Truth. The closer you approach Truth, the closer fear and hate drop to zero. Want to know how close you are to Truth? How much fear and hate is in you on a daily basis?

Without fear, there is no purpose for hate.

All fear boils down to fear of injury and death.

When your fear reaches zero, your experience of love will reach infinity. You will love every single molecule in the universe. A heart-wrenching, super-natural degree of love. Metaphysical love.

Strength, is your capacity to surrender fear and hatred. Strength is wisdom. The highest wisdom is the surrender of one’s life.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=36


We have lost the touch with who we truly are

Insecurities running the show

Flashing lights, temptations lighting up in false glow

Through a world that profits from pain and addiction

Self-loathing, hate and contradiction

Sneaky deals, snakes and manipulation

Upholding the ego consolidation

The world gifts us so much pain

Yet here we are not yet insane

Making gold out of breaking chains

This is the pure reminants of the human resilience of spirit

For one day we shall return to dust

Remembering who we truly are before we loose the scared trust.

~DiosRaw 13/04/21