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Reposts {15} ~ HUMANTS: PART 2

In human society, like in ant society, there are those who are stronger than the rest. An elite class and those who are their slaves. Every single worker is a slave to death. That is why it is a system where most are at a low level cognitive basis. There are those who preach of […]


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Articles {5} ~ Human Footprints Thought To Be Oldest In North America Discovered | Archaeology

“New scientific research conducted by archaeologists has uncovered what they believe are the oldest known human footprints in North America.

Research done at the White Sands national park in New Mexico discovered the ancient footprints, with researchers estimating that the tracks were between 21,000 and 23,000 years old, reported Science.”

Source ~ https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/sep/23/human-footprints-oldest-north-america

~Mind Control Engineering~

Many people are starting to realize that some major factors in mankind’s mind control are our diminishing access to sunlight through mass weather modification. There is a powerful agenda of social engineering to gain control over your thoughts and gain access to the human mind in order to prevent free and open thinking. GMOs are also used to gain control over mankind thru altering the functions of the human body’s DNA. The altering/modification of our DNA is very dangerous to the human race as its ultimate purpose is to serve this anti-human agenda.

Social engineering goes hand-in-hand with genetic engineering. These mind control techniques are processes that control the cultural mindset and belief systems of mankind. It’s all to exert total control over their biology as well as their thought, behaviors and actions. Once these belief systems are held firmly in place as ideology/dogma it is then enforced by the power and authority structure and is easier to control that particular species. It’s like it compartmentalizes the consciousness meaning it puts you in a mental box or cage so to speak. What it’s really doing is boxing your consciousness into a very limited frequency band of mental, emotional and spiritual exploration. It puts an end to our creativity and imagination. Every organized religion is guilty of this.

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Body Language {9} ~ Breathing

Your breathing tends to pick up when you’re under stress. This stress can be positive or negative, so someone breathing quickly may be ~

~Nervous or worried

A long, deep breath can suggest ~


Slower breaths typically suggest a state of calm or thoughtfulness. Ordinary breathing patterns may not stand out so much, but someone’s breathing can seem very controlled or precise. This intentional control often happens when trying to suppress a strong emotion, such as anger.