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Symbols {88} ~ Infinity

Originating from the Latin infinitas which means “unboundedness”, infinity is the concept of endlessness or limitlessness most widely tackled in the fields of mathematics and physics.

The very first person known to have written about the concept of infinity was Archimedes, more than 2300 years ago. His writings were found buried under some paintings and prayers which were written on top of his and were only discovered recently thanks to a very powerful scanner that uses hair-thin X-rays (Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource). Up until the discovery of his work, it was widely accepted that Galileo was the first scientist to bounce around the idea in his head.

The person who actually introduced the infinity symbol was John Wallis in 1655. This symbol is sometimes called the Lemniscate. It is a symbol that evolved a little bit from the Etruscan numeral for 1000 which looked like 2 letter Cs facing each other with an “I” in the middle (CIƆ). There is another theory that he actually derived the infinity symbol from omega (ω), the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

The Ouroboros symbol which is that of a snake twisted into a horizontal figure 8 and biting its own tail is also said to be a most plausible basis for the infinity symbol because it is a fitting depiction of endlessness.

~The Infinite Chameleon~

“Here’s another metaphor for thinking about the ultimate nature of reality:

Imagine, if you will, an infinite chameleon.

Oh, common on! It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Put on your thinking-cap and play along.

A regular chameleon is only able change itself in one way: by changing colors. Which equals one degree of freedom. But imagine a creature which is so flexible that it’s able (somehow) to be a chameleon in every way possible. Meaning, it has infinite degrees of freedom. Imagine it could freely morph its size, shape, texture, temperature, smell, bones, cells, molecules, atoms, and even the physical laws which govern its entire being.

How could it do that?

Well… it would have to actually be limitless. As in: without limit. As in: an unlimited, all-powerful chameleon. (Don’t worry, he’s only a danger to pesky flies.)

What would such a creature look like?

Well, not much like a standard chameleon, that’s for sure. It wouldn’t even be right to call it a creature because a “creature” is a label we invented to refer to a set of certain constrains upon infinite degrees of freedom. To be a “creature” precisely means that you’re not free to be something else, like a coffee table. So this thing is not really a creature. But it’s also not a “thing”, because to be a “thing” is also a set of constrains upon infinite degrees of freedom. So this infinite chameleon would most closely resemble no-thing. Why nothing? Because, imagine that every property sort of cancels itself out by its negation, like the positive and negative integers might if you tried to add them all together.

But notice, this would not be your ordinary notion of nothingness, like some kind of black, lifeless void. Instead, imagine this “nothingness chameleon” as having infinite degrees of freedom, allowing “him” to masquerade as everything. He would be bursting at the seams with infinite potential, ready to actualize into something concrete.

So why bother calling it a chameleon then?

Because, the essence of its nature is chameleon-like to the Nth degree. Its very structure exudes illusion and misdirection, for which I think the label “chameleon” is apropos. Plus, everyone knows chameleons are cool.

Could a monster-sized infinite chameleon be hiding right under your nose right this very second?

Impossible! Unscientific! Illogical! Just a silly thought experiment! Mere philosophy! Balderdash!

Maybe. Or maybe… if you stop for a second and consciously look around you, you’ll notice that you’re inside the infinite chameleon right now! After all, where else could you be?

Perhaps you are the infinite chameleon, hiding from itself!

Granted, such a discovery would be rather implausible, outrageous, and embarrassing to admit. After all, how could a chameleon hide himself from himself? But then again, it is a chameleon we’re talking about here. Have you seen how regular chameleons hide in the jungle? They’re pretty good at it. And they’ve only mastered 1 degree of freedom. Imagine what an infinite chameleon could do to hide himself from you.

Maybe you can spot his hoof-prints in the sand ;)”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=50


Does infinity prove the existence of divinity?

Before you believe the things you believe

You must understand to be understood

Beyond the boundlessness of your imagination

And the farthest wanderings of every soul in a trance dream

There is a place without a name, without form

A place where time cannot touch

And where journeys never end

You are it, you are living inside it

A place where my love passes through to you

Infinity magnetised spiralling

Take love, multiply by infinity

And take it to the depths of unfathomable forever

And yet you only have a glimpse of the unconditional love

The formless intelligence consciousness has for you.

~DiosRaw, 25/05/21

~A Taste Of Infinity~

“Here’s a small look into the mind of God:

Contemplate: How is it possible to zoom into a thing forever? What does this mean about the nature of reality?

Just the fact that this fractal exists should already clue you in that consciousness must be infinite. Otherwise how could you be conscious of it? If an infinite object was loaded into a finite mind, the mind would crash. Hence the mind itself must be infinite.

Consider this: In a finite reality it would be impossible to count up from 1 to infinity. This is only possible because consciousness is actually infinite.

But how can the human mind be infinite? Because the human mind is a virtual machine running inside the infinite mind of God. God’s mind is running an infinite number of virtual machines, all which are themselves infinite. That’s what Georg Cantor called the Absolute Infinite set. It is the super-set of all possible sets. The mindblowing nature of infinity is that you can divide it into an infinite number of parts, and each of those parts will be its own infinity. Infinity within infinity within infinity — to infinity! In other words, infinity literally allows you to create something from nothing, because infinity is endless and bottomless.

Consider this: If you have an infinite number of apples in a basket, you can pull out one apple, eat it, and you will still have an infinite number of apples left. You just created an apple from nothing! Ta-da! This is how God creates the universe. Its mind is not bound by any physical limitation or lack. It cannot lack anything because it is an unlimited fount of creativity. All it has to do to create a thing is subdivide itself. But it can subdivide itself infinitely many times, so it never loses anything in the process of creation. Even after God subdivides itself an infinite number of times to create all human minds, it still remains an infinite Unity. The Absolute Unity of all possible divisions. Absolute Unity turns out to be identical to division. Going full-circle.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=22

Poetry By Kevin & Amber {2} ~ Journey To Infinity

For eons we have journeyed, yet our paths are not defined but the end is known
Stacked in ethereal libraries of the akashic records in multidimensional reality
Made of a thousand stars in the millions of light year travel
In timelessness, wandering the spatial deserts of multiverses
Nomads of the vast expanse
The micro and macro of the cosmos imagination
Shape shifting, collecting experiences
Eternal beings teasing hide and seek with itself,
We live love and die, with an infinity of forever awaiting
As super novas catyalse the morphing into the next existence
In an ever expanding universe, where everything that is, is alive
Animated by esoteric unknown yet familiar causes and effects
Dividing making a reduced copy of the original in the expansion
Abandoning the homeland of meaning, words find new shelter, a constant call echos
All connected in a common language, emotion
for at the center all is vibratory energy, emotion
Crafted by the creator’s formless palpable hand endowing all being’s a gift of a resonance welcoming home to source; layer upon layer of dimensional magnetised uplifting.

~By Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Symbols {53} ~ Gordian Knot

This mystical knot traces its roots way back to ancient times. Legend has it that an oracle predicted that the next man driving an ox cart into the city of Phrygia would be its king. Gordia, then just a poor peasant, drove into the city and priests declared him as king. In gratitude and thanks to Zeus, he then tied his ox cart to a column using an intricate knot. Another oracle predicted that whoever could untie the “Gordian knot” would rule all of Asia. But while everyone else did not succeed in untying the complicated knot, Alexander the Great, using his wit and cunning, cut the knot in half using his sword in 333BC.

The Gordian Knot also takes on a very mystical meaning in sacred geometry. This knot can actually be made from a Torus Tube (which resembles a donut shape), known in physics as the perfect shape. The Torus Tube was used as a symbol for the unity of the consciousness with the universe. Although the Gordian Knot goes on for eternity, with no beginning and no end, there are three clear ovals shaped by this continuous line. These three shapes represent the Holy Trinity and its union, as well as the three forces (positive, negative and neutral) that comprise the universe. It is said that the Gordian Knot can help enlighten one’s mind to see problems and difficult situations more clearly and with renewed hope and energy.


The capacity we have to apportion with others is astounding

The heart has buttressed much resounding

Fed those who were hungry for love

Learning to expand, not contract in the face of loss

A spiritual war for the soul and hearts of man in the gross

It is only with the heart that one can pierce through boundaries

What is essential is invisible to the eye

Goodbyes are only for those who see with the physical faculties

For those who see with the vision of the heart, there are no endings

Cyclical illusory conclusions and introductions

A well of infinite evergiving heart, where all life emerges from

Sealing heart to heart through compassion

Quite simply, they bore an unbolted anahata

The seat of the soul

A life time measured in heart beats

The suble way the heart speaks to the ones it calls

Defrosted cold vessels with the the heat of love

Search for healing words and embed them into your wounds

Only God can fill the empty garden of hearts we all ship around.

~DiosRaw, 17/05/21