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The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers {158} ~ Would It Be Possible For Two Of Those Parts To Meet One Another & Not Know? {Consciousness}

“TRY to picture the greater consciousness as a circle, and then realize that there are segments of that circle which are revolving round a centre. Sometimes those segments meet and when they meet there is a recognition of their common oneness. When they finally cease to revolve, the different segments occupy their alloted places and the circle is united and complete.” ~ The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers, P. 124

Poetry By Kevin & Amber {5} ~ Earth’s Womb

The lullaby of the earth articulates the music of my soul
The winds float my soul across the globe
Shape-shifting through the creatures of the Garden of Eden
The lush green rejuvenates and builds me up
As the soul lays the foundations of creation
The water quenches me and is always there for a cleanse
Purifying dense auric fields into light orb reliefs
The soils ground me because that’s where I begun
Within the womb of the earth
Within the tomb of the earth.

~By Kevin {KevinKinge} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Architecture {10} ~ Other Kinds Of Architecture

When we think of architecture, we tend to think simply of building design. But the term architecture has taken on many different meanings over the years.

Business architecture concerns itself with organisational structure. How Human Resources are organised to deliver organisational effectiveness.

Cognitive architecture looks at the theories behind the construction of the human mind – how we can summarise cognitive psychology using a computer model.

Enterprise architecture is the systematic practice of developing organisational strategies by analysing business structures and processes and reporting on their effectiveness, efficiency, agility and durability.

Interior architecture is the design of spaces within structural boundaries, such as adaptive reuse.

Landscape architecture refers to the design of outdoor spaces, such as parks and other public areas. Its goal is to achieve socially rewarding and aesthetic outcomes.

Network architecture is the framework by which a network’s specific components are connected, organised and configured in order to deliver an effective communications network.