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Poetry By Anna & Amber {1} ~ Sirens Of Material Desires

Monetary desire and material assets, the God of this age, blinding the collective dream.
With insatiable desires, they hurt for wealth, hunger beyond mere needs and wants.
Our backwards world, realization will strike home in due course that being so poor all some disoriented souls have is money in the extreme.
As time goes by, we forget to laugh and love,
We only invest in materialistic burdens.
Obsessed with assets and money, the beauty of nature they could never enjoy.
Money is only evil through the lense of your perception, the mechanical machines that filter and print these named things through governmental means link you to the source of the root cause of obsession.
Materialistic and needy, for items to collect and wear.
The price you pay is never worth the way they look, feel or glow.
Soon you will feel hollow, with nobody by your side.
Recognising that you have been filling your life and heart with things as opposed to the soul nutritious divinity.
Attempting to quench spiritual thirst with materialism is like drinking water from a sea. It turns immediate gratification to a life threatening condition.
Your soul is more precious than dismantled diamonds, sirens leering you away, pulling you by the conditioned mind to no man’s land.
Only love prevails forevermore, the ultimate treasure, permeating your existence with resounding Truth.

~By Anna {AnnaAnitasBlog} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Philosophy {12} ~ Materalism

Materialism is the theory that the only thing that exists is matter or energy; that all things are composed of material and all phenomena (including consciousness) are the result of material interactions. In other words, matter is the only substance, and reality is identical with the actually occurring states of energy and matter. To many philosophers, materialism is synonymous with physicalism. However, materialists have historically held that everything is made of matter, but physics has shown that gravity, for example, is not made of matter in the traditional sense so physicalism is used to emphasize a connection to physics and the physical sciences.