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~Déjà Vu~

Déjà vu” describes the uncanny sensation that you’ve already experienced something, even when you know you never have.

There’s no conclusive evidence on how common it actually is, but varying estimates suggest anywhere between 60 and 80 percent of the population experience this phenomenon.

While déjà vu is fairly common, especially among young adults, experts haven’t identified a single cause. Maybe a glitch in the matrix?

~What Is The Matrix?~

“Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” ~ (Morpheus to Neo, in “The Matrix”)

The Matrix is the system used by beings operating on this planet, so as to accelerate spiritual development of each individual on Earth without violating their free will. These beings use terrestrial shapes to live as characters among us, in disguise, infiltrated in society, behaving and acting exactly like terrestrial humans do. Earth has been under outside intervention in a disguised manner for a long time, yet not many know this.

The Matrix is a system of control and obedience based on thought reading, on the Pavlovian association of ideas and on the manipulation of language. It is also based on subliminal techniques of control that catches from your mind trivial answers about your ordinary life that your manipulators already know. It intentionally explores mathematical similarities between your life and the very lives of the Intelligences behind the masks.

The Matrix produces feelings of self-pity by artificially creating elements that have a strong similarity with aspects of your past. It uses the structure of the human memory – that organizes similar information in different stacks and puts them on top of each other – to generate a bubble-like sensation on the mind of the targeted persons, through the association of ideas between their very lives and the elements (words, ideas, facts, events, experiences, traumas) that are on top of your memory stacks.

It manipulates and sometimes distorts current society values (money, sex, success, fame, intellectual recognition, and professional fulfillment, among others) in order to generate in your mind “dreams” that you have never imagined you’d have. We are living in a constructed dream, this is what the Matrix is. One we awaken from the dream, we can see the truth behind this stage of a reality.

It is a system designed to suppress from your heart the true feeling of Love, in order to induce you to “lose your soul”. However, if you succeed in always following your heart, you will end up spiritualizing yourself more and more and can eventually awake your kundalini energy and enlighten yourself.

The Matrix is a system that shapes realities around you, based on your own feelings, fears, desires, expectations, beliefs, emotions and thoughts. It is an interactive system that updates dynamically new ideas depending on your responses to the previous ones. It is a system that is consistently working over exceptions, trying to find a glitch in your beliefs.

“This is the world that you know.
It exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation,
that we call ‘the Matrix'” ~
(Morpheus to Neo, in “The Matrix”)

The Matrix tries to deconstruct your own beliefs and turn them against you, by using elements that have a strong mathematical similarity with the elements that are comprised in your beliefs.

However, if you delve deeply into yourself, you’ll find out that true love is stronger than the Matrix system of control. True love is not based on the similarity or difference between elements, it is universal consciousness, unconditional love.

Take of this as you will..

The Human Family Community Open Threads {41} ~ How Do We Escape The Matrix?

Welcome to “The Human Family Community Open Threads,” a project open for anyone who would like to express their feelings, make friends or talk about anything; if you feel suicidal, depressed, anxious or lonely during these times this project is here for you. Feel free to leave a comment below and connect, let’s start a conversation. No judgement, we don’t know until we walk in someone else’s shoes..

~DiosRaw, 28/04/21