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Amla is a fruit that has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for thousands of years. Known in Sanskrit as Amlaki, the literal meaning of Amla is ‘sour,’ but it is synonymous with Emblica officinalis, a fruit tree that grows throughout India. The Amla fruit is sour-tasting and likened to a gooseberry.

Amla has a powerful effect on the body’s regulatory systems, and is known to elevate energy, promote reproductive health, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve the respiratory system. It acts as a tonic not only for the physical body, but for the sense organs and the mind.

~Vibrational Medicine~

Vibrational medicine is a term used to describe a wide variety of healing remedies and methodologies which makes use of the universal life force or Source energy which supports life on this planet. Since all organisms are of this life force, healers and therapists use the knowledge of this energy (found in living organisms as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and the foods we eat) to restore energetic balance where needed. Source energy healers channel Source energy directly.

The physical manifestation which we recognise as the human body is said to be made up of a series of interweaving and interconnecting energy fields which deal with various aspects of our personality e.g. the astral body of energy which is linked to our emotional life. Vibrational medicine is also a healing philosophy which aims to treat the whole person by integrating and balancing those higher energy systems which create the physical, cellular patterns of manifestation.

Journal {8} ~ 26/05/21 ~ Homeopathic Path Of Healing

I went to see an holistic doctor today and the hour consultation went well. We discussed my health issues and past history linking things up to where I am today. The homeopath was a nice man who listened and genuinely wants to help me recover regarding my health. He did an iridology test on me to see the health issues in the iris of my eye; he saw I had issues with my nervous system, liver and adrenal glands. My health is a mess but we are going to do a slow approach to the homeopathic way of healing due to my high sensitivity. He has given me two homeopathic remedies to try, one drop on an empty stomach per week of the two for a month then we will increase the dose of the remedies. I will see how it goes, the remedies prescribed should help with digestive issues, the gut lining and anxiety amongst many other benefits. Leaving behind mainstream medicine and doctors, that root made me sicker. It will be a slow process of healing however I will try this path and see what happens…

~Love is the answer. Amber, DiosRaw 26/05/21

Symbols {59} ~ The Rod Of Asclepius

The Rod of Asclepius (or Staff of Asclepius) is an ancient Greek symbol that has become an internationally recognized symbol of medicine. It depicts a serpent entwined around a staff that is traditionally a knotty tree limb. The symbol is associated with the Greek demigod, Asclepius who was renowned for his unsurpassed medical prowess and healing powers. According to myths, he got his medical knowledge through the whispering of snakes that have the ability to periodically shedding their skin and emerging bigger, healthier and shinier than before.

The Rod of Asclepius is a befitting representation of the physician’s art of healing because of its combination of the staff, which is symbolic of authority and the snake, which denotes rebirth, fertility, revitalization, and rejuvenation. Moreover, snake venom has been found to be fatally poisonous and, at the same time, have medicinal properties. Therefore, the serpent is also seen as symbolic of the dual nature of a physician’s work that involved sickness & health, life & death. It even signifies the dual powers of medicine – the dosage and the situation determine if it will heal or harm. The symbol was displayed at the Temples of Asclepius that became popular healing centers of the Greco-Roman world. Later on, it came to be adopted by doctors all over the world.

Some scholars assert that the Rod of Asclepius actually represents a parasitic worm coiled around a stick. In the ancient times, people used to be commonly infected by parasitic worms like the guinea worm. The physicians treated them by piercing the skin and extracting the worms underneath by wrapping them on a rod or stick. The physicians are believed to have advertised this service by putting up the sign of a worm on a stick.

Whatever the origin of the Rod of Asclepius may have been, it remains a dominant global symbol of healthcare, healing, and medicine.

~Sushruta Samhita~

The “Sushruta Samhita” is an ancient Sanskrit text that covers areas of both surgery and medicine. It’s widely regarded as one of the most important documents on these topics to have reached present day from the ancient past. This compendium is also considered to be one of the main foundations of Ayurveda, which is a traditional form of Indian medicine.

Among the most valuable chapters in the “Sushruta Samhita” are those covering the subjects of surgical training and procedures in a historically unique way.


Scurrying to every crevice to find the antidote

Translating the medical note

My soul left for me to unravel

They say possibilities are endless

Yet health does not come automatically

Good habits must be in tow systematically

Root out the cause

Gaze deep into the waters of your mind and press pause

Blaming for your problem will not work

You created it ultimately, unconsciousnessly, subconsciously or consciously

Your soul plan

Intent, one of the threads of this existence

Awaken to your persistence

My auric field, after a psychic bashing, feels defenseless

Under psychic attack

What is real and what is wack?

Remember your life is not foregone

Having tried, yet not able to reach past your papered walls of cement

Secrets unfolding like origami

Shamanic dismemberment

Ancient oracle, seer of truth

Bowl of sage, palo Santo and smoke

Exhausting options to choke

It saw me

Before I could see it

Engraving my hope

On this little boat of language water I wrote.

~DiosRaw, 28/04/21