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Nowadays I tremble into my reflection

Walking into the mirror and see

What drugs and potions have made me

My vision is getting dizzer by the day

And yet I need to swallow death pills to live in decay

The devil steals your soul

Life turning to ashes swallowing these pills whole

False promises, I see your game

Numbing us and turning lame

Big pharma is after me

Chains around my ankles, struggling to be set free

Who am I anymore?

This has gone too far

Damaging my heart, lungs, body and every part of my being

I see stars when I close my eyes

None of this came as a surprise

I can feel the terror coming closer

I can taste the blood of the shadow getting darker

Health system compassion is past it’s sell by date

The devil is satiate

Trapped inside my own mind

I’ve loosing my grip on reality

I chose my destruction

I chose my poison

Or did I being so young?

Told to take these, this was all you got for aid in your pain

A world insane

To the next generation of beings

Locked in by the powerlessness of pill life

They thought would set them free

No, you’ll be dragged down, believe me.

~DiosRaw, 19/04/21


Claustrophobic numb miserable shell

Glass shards jabbing from within this body meat suit hell

Which way to go, left or right?

It doesn’t matter, far from alright

Eyes glazed, slacking in bright

Sold soul to pharmaceutical companies

To fill their greedy economies

Muffled vision, decaying immune system, stagnant waters I tread

Shifting personalities full of dread

Zombie stale habitionalites

I don’t know who or what I am turned into

Now I can’t live a day without swallowing you

Slowly letting go, silently crying

Days are numbered, slowly dieing

Implying you want to fix the world’s problems by stating the symptoms

Begin to dig the root

They’ll tear away your health

Then steal all your wealth

There’s no profit in a world where health exists

Disease and illness is that which they push and persists.

~DiosRaw 03/04/21