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Philosophical {75} ~ To What Extent Do You Shape Your Own Destiny & How Much Is Down To Fate?

I believe that we have free-will on this dimensional level and that we can make choices to navigate our destiny and that along our soul path we have milestones that can lead to a fate pre-determined by the soul, the pre-birth plans our souls created before this life.

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Philosophical Questions {74} ~ Are People Natural-Born Leaders, Or Do They Develop The Traits Over Time?

Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time. Leadership learning is a lifetime activity and good leaders seek out development opportunities that will help them learn new skills. However, I believe souls can be natural born leaders, bringing traits from past lives for example into this world.

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Philosophical Questions {73} ~ Should People Have The Right To Live & Travel Anywhere Yhey Wish With No State Or Country Boundaries?

I believe we are sovereign beings that can choose for ourselves where we want to be in this world.. However, because of a lack of awareness and “low-consicousnes on this planet some order is needed at this time.

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Philosophical Questions {71} ~ Does Sound Happen If Nothing Is Present To Hear It?

Sound waves exist, but with nobody there to perceive said sound, it does not exist I don’t think. We describe sound as two things, sound pressure waves or a noise that we perceived with our ears. One part describes a scientific phenomenon, the other describes the way we perceived that scientific phenomenon. A bit like music. Music is a collection of sound pressure waves. It takes a human to determine that the sound was music. So the short answer is, yes, sound exists. The longer answer is that sound is a thing that living creatures translate from sound pressure waves, so did the sound occur when we create and see our own reality? However the philosophical conversation goes deeper if we think about animals and their hearing, or if the earth hears. Are we looking at this from a human perspective or cosmic perspective and what does those terms even mean to each one of us? Down the rabbit hole we go…

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The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers {18} ~ If A Man Is A Healer, Must He Depend On Another Healer, Or Can He Do Anything To Help Himself If He Becomes Ill?

“You need not depend upon another healer, but you have to learn how to attune yourself to the power so that it can produce the result on you direct. Just as you do not have to go to church to pray to the Great Spirit, so you do not have to go to a healer to get healing, if you can enable the power of the spirit to come direct to you. You must open your heart, your mind, your soul.” ~ Lift Up Your Hearts, Silver Birch Series