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Philosophical Questions {119} ~ Why Is There A Deep Relationship Between Philosophy & Art?

What you believe determines the art you produce and philosophy is the formal expression of what you think the universe is essentially. Therefore the artist will produce in art form something that is believed to reflect the nature of the universe and the artist’s relationship to it. This governs every kind of art ~ from pictorial art like paintings, through music, and even including plays and books.

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Philosophical Questions {110} ~ Where Do Thoughts Go When We Forget Things?

Memories are links between brain cells. Sometimes we feel we have forgotten something (like where we put our keys) whereas we had never formed a memory of that – just held the thought in Working Memory for a few seconds. To form a long-term memory, the links between the cells – synapses – have to go through a change called ‘long-term potentiation’. This happens after a number of spaced-repetitions. If we only get part-way through this process, then the synapse reverts to its original state and we feel we have forgotten. I do believe all thoughts, actions and such get stored in the akashic records, a library in the etherical realms, and that repeated thoughts can cause thought forms to form in the auras of our bodies which can lead to illness or abundance depending upon the nature of that thought.

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