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Photography {48} ~ Leucanthemum Maximum/फूलफूल

Leucanthemum maximum is a species of flowering plant in the aster family known by the common name max chrysanthemum. It is native to France and Spain but it can be found growing wild in other parts of the world as an introduced species and sometimes a garden escapee.

Can you observe the fibonnaci sequence, a pattern found throughout nature? Secrets to the universe..

Photography {41} ~ Achillea millefolium, ‘Colorado’/Achillea Millefolium ‘कोलोराडो’

With all the colours of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, this is indeed an exceptional modern variety of Yarrow. The range and intensity of colour is very diverse and includes red to pink to apricot, yellows, beige and bronze tones and occasional whites plus some hues new to the plant. True perennials, marvellous for cutting (for use fresh or dried), they come into bloom in May and then bloom away merrily until the first frosts – hopefully five months away.