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You find out what you are from what you are not; everything and nothing

Your home is everywhere and nowhere

Your true identity is no identity

You aren’t an owner but a messenger of the infinity for infinity to infinity

The no-thing is open to everything;
timeless and free

If stars are still lit, there is someone who needs them

Where have you been? I hear you ask

I returned to the river

I returned to the mountains

To the forests, to the jungles, to the woodw

I asked for their hand in marriage again

I begged and beseeched to wed every object and creature in existence

And when they accepted, then I knew my soul, every soul, then I knew

Souls are drawn from the oceans of formless ever-becoming silence.

~DiosRaw, 21/09/21


I believe in a universe where a sleepy eye greets the parting curtains of existence

Whilst a nonchalantly drooping eyelid ushers away the day inside itself

I believe in a universe where Indra and the multiplex of Gods churn the cosmic milk

Where Shiva does the eternal dance

During this energetic renaissance

Where people are the libraries

To unbridled, universal energy

I witness the Buddha populating billions of perspectives


Enlightenment can burn like fire

A new perspective can obliterate and metamorph your world

The same way a supernova changes a star

Everything you thought you knew

Bathed in tides of cosmic energy

Altering every particle of your being

Going with the flow

Yet you do not know

That the flow goes all directions and the eye has no centre

The natural lines that blind your vision

These barriers of glass houses

Create channels, rivers, currents


Where the water

The flow, running rivets of furrowed lines

Simply goes

When you are always in the rapids

When your point of view is rabid

Only reacting and contracting

Not responding

So swept up in the current

You flail, flounder, following

Helplessly flustered in the tears of the pineal

Until surrender balms the soul navigation and the eye consumes itself

In actuality

We are fractality.

~DiosRaw, 19/09/21


How do we take control of and navigate our story once we’re dead?

How do we write the wrongs of half-truths that victors have written and said?

Seared into our minds like a brand cast

You see, we don’t see you for what you were

We only see you as how you were told

Are you real or an illusion or partially true?

To become immortal, you must devour
the gods and proceed with the diety of fear

As the sandy desert is a hummingbird with wings of hovering heat

Weightless idler, forever in love with the acanthus leaf

And the nectar of the far Aegean womb

A sprinkle of scintillating blue refracting off lapis lazuli sea

We will lap up this lavish abundance while rowing the waves in the River Nile

The majestic pyramid is a source of God’s might and the most hidden retreat of light

In the realm symbology of shapes and symbols

The body embodies the quality of a pyramid

The pyramid is the owner of silence

The sides of the pyramid are upheld by the erect back of silence

Its apex is held by the inner observer.

~DiosRaw, 18/09/21


I woke up within the infinite dream of an archangel

Memories of gaia

Reflected on a river, I forced shut my eyes

To salvage what reason holds but was swept away by light

Angels walk among us each and everyday

The Godhead sends them to us when he’s not ready for us to leave

Angels walk among us, though you may never see

They hide in plain sight, I know because they saved me

Who am I to deserve? I was once a Queen but now I serve

Who am I to dream of hope?

A sinner, I inhale pain to cope

Who am I to exhale a wish?

Angels I’ve abandoned, demons I’ve kissed

Who am I to wrestle with earth?

I afflicted myself, that day, at birth

You are an angel straight from the city of light

I am a sinner but when I’m with you, I strive to be a saint

Fallen angels were once angels, pain created demons and the demons bathed in love


If millions upon millions of angels can dance on the head of a pin how many devils are impaled on it’s sharp tip?

~DiosRaw, 17/09/21

Poetry {169} ~ ZEN MUSINGS {1}

What if you unearthed that the puppet master was just an entanglement of am amalgamation of other puppets?

Interconnectedness is paramount to who we are, to life itself

To get loose and scurry to cut the strings is not to get free, to get free is to love the strings you borrow


I have the eye’s of god

Both you and me

Our eyes are blind

But through god we see

I see myself run after myself in a torment of circular motion

Chasing my own tail

In the rear window of the doorways to my soul


Catch that which cannot be caught

Turn towards your own self, and find that which does not turn

What mast can I cast a rope towards 
to open the sails in a windless transparent temporary sea?

To what dock can I pause and secure a ship that is in the middle of the ocean?

What foundation can I lay foot on when everything in existence is shimmering beneath me? 

Where am I when there are no thoughts?

Who am “I” when “I” am extinguished by the waters of the order and chaos dynamic dualistic flow

How can we comprehend the incomprehensible?


What if I gazed into infinity with a microscope and saw the back of my scalp?


The true artist of life does not paint pictures, the true artists lends themselves to be and become
a paintbrush in the mysterious hand
of life to be God’s pioneer


We contemplate the Great Mystery and at the same time find the Great Mystery contemplating us.

~DiosRaw, 15/09/21