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Philosophical Questions {142} ~ What Makes A Good Teacher?

Some qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices, a lifelong love of learning and a willingness to take the time to understand other souls.

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Philosophical Questions {136} ~ Why Do Civilisations Collapse?

There are many reasons civilizations collapse, the average civilization lasts for a few hundred years before it starts to fall. The populations are fed bread and circuses, this is a metaphorical expression of how we live in a convenience climate. Strong men build strong times, strong times make weak men, weak men make bad times and bad times make strong men.. And so the cycle continues. I do believe personally that there are people who oversee this world and tinker with cultural aspects to collapse and then renew civilizations. Just a thought.

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Philosophical Questions {131} ~ Why Do We Call It “Falling In Love?”

From my thoughts, I believe that we fall so deep in love that we don’t realize there are other people, there are other friends and family. Love comes unexpected and we slowly (the time depends on the depth of your fall) start getting up and seeing the people around. We get up from the fall and if we still love the person, we stay in love, that is real love that lasts forever. Then maybe we should call it “Rising in love”. So we fall in love, come to the ground level and then rise in love as a theory.

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Philosophical Questions {128} ~ Do Straight Lines Exist In Nature?

This depends on your definition of a straight line if it is in the traditional sense, then straight lines do exist, a sufficiently thin thread might suffice or a strand of hair held tautly. But if you’re asking in the mathematical sense a line may exist with negligible width and depth but true “breadthless length” as Euclid described it does not exist, only approximations as seen from the macroscopic level. No matter how thin a thing is, it has to be made up of atoms and hence it cannot be thinner than the atoms themselves, a perfect line cannot exist.

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Philosophical Questions {124} ~ Is It Okay To Break The Law? Why & When?

This might not be the “legal” answer per se, but it is well the moral and ethical answer: it is acceptable to break the law, when doing so provides for the safety or welfare of self or others—when failing to break said law provides imminent threat or significant injury to self or others. Here are some examples of when it may or is acceptable to break the law ~

  1. To make way for an ambulance or a fire engine
  2. To save someone in danger
  3. To save the life of an accident victim who needs urgent medical assistance
  4. To protect yourself, your family & friends from grave danger (life & property)
  5. To stop any person from causing any harm to others
  6. To stop a bad law from being implemented
  7. To protect state property from being vandalized or destroyed

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