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~Shamanic Golden Book~

“What is the golden book, you say?

Here is the legend according to the great shamans of the Andes…

They say that we come into the world with two books,

One golden and one silver book.

The silver book is already written, but the golden book is empty.

We spend a large part of our lives studying, editing, and following the written book; living according to what is written within its pages.

But the legend says that there comes a time in each of our lives, when we must put away the silver book and begin to fill our own book.

Your golden book is a script for your life. => Start writing the first page today

You have to stop following the stories and dreams of other people and start writing your own story. The story of your life, your own life-script!

This is the moment when you start to take responsibility for what happens in your world, you cease to be just a seeker, and you become the one that brings truth into the world.

In our modern, western society, we have forgotten the rites of passage that used to tell us when it was time to put away one book and pick up the new one.

We no longer have elders to show us how to write our own golden book and how to make our story a reality. And instead of making our own dream come true, we spend our lives trapped in someone else’s dream.

In a state that the shamans call the collective nightmare.” ~ Unknown


Scurrying to every crevice to find the antidote

Translating the medical note

My soul left for me to unravel

They say possibilities are endless

Yet health does not come automatically

Good habits must be in tow systematically

Root out the cause

Gaze deep into the waters of your mind and press pause

Blaming for your problem will not work

You created it ultimately, unconsciousnessly, subconsciously or consciously

Your soul plan

Intent, one of the threads of this existence

Awaken to your persistence

My auric field, after a psychic bashing, feels defenseless

Under psychic attack

What is real and what is wack?

Remember your life is not foregone

Having tried, yet not able to reach past your papered walls of cement

Secrets unfolding like origami

Shamanic dismemberment

Ancient oracle, seer of truth

Bowl of sage, palo Santo and smoke

Exhausting options to choke

It saw me

Before I could see it

Engraving my hope

On this little boat of language water I wrote.

~DiosRaw, 28/04/21