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How long can we ride on the back of corruption in this world?

Is this the apocalypse only the few can see?

Our true history, blindfolded over our eyes

A brainwashing swollen of lies

Smokes and mirrors under the guise

Is spiritual warfare our demise?

Spirit connected, never to die

Their game is about winning

From the end to the beginning

Don’t let them fool you with bread and circuses

They are out for themselves

When you choose to inspect

Their business movements, they don’t correlate as correct

Pillaging and stealing

The great revealing

Fear is the currency

If you give them a smell

The anomalies they sell

Working like a termite

Consuming vampicically day and night

Is darkness more appreciated than light?

Stick to the Truth, not falsified news

Your dream is yours to choose.

~DiosRaw, 01/05/21