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Poetry By Ashok & Amber {1} ~ Breaking Shackles Of The Ocean Of Conditioned Society

Have you ever drowned in the bowels of the ocean of society? Having tasted the stark emptiness of positions and perks, society roles and responsibilities?
Hypocrisy breeds yet ironically aren’t we’re all immersed somewhere in this conditioned ideology?
Aren’t we always in a hurry and frantically running to fulfil the dreams fuelled by this toxic energy?
Dreams manufactured by someone else’s imagination; have you yet awoken from the dream embedded within the dream ad. infinitum?
Have you never dreamt of being a free soul?
Having roamed the creation in its beatific glow?
It is time my friend that we break the shackles of the past, and fly away in the heavens vast!
This nothing they tell us, constitutes the everything
Welcome to society, we promise we won’t decieve And we’ll let you have your opinions, but please square the circle to our views
Puncturing the tyre of the system, the blaring noise is dying down and every fork in the road appears to walk the path weaving the tapestry of our divinity – free from the conditioned hive mind.

~By Ashok {Ashokwahi} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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What if I told you, your whole life had been a lie?

Lies of the guilty, eyes of the innocent, float around like loose atoms ready to collide, to explode in my mind

This matrix fantasy illusion

Constructed and orchestrated to profit the rich and elites

Who conditioned us to think that this is all there is, a fabricated structure

Are we all liars?

When the truth of today becomes a lie tomorrow?

The lie that the seven deadly sins will make us happy

We blind ourselves by that which is supposedly real

Binding ourselves to what we call reality

Blaming other selves for what is

All the while denying the truth which is ourselves

That stitches the life we live

Yet confined in a system of claustrophobic rules and regulations

An upside down world where nothing makes sense to the eyes that see

Slipping into a technological totalitarian society blinded by lights of a new tomorrow

What if the insane saw themselves as sane and the sane saw themselves as sane?

A world we cannot touch

And although it took time

We ended up as water droplets in the graveyards of eternity.

~DiosRaw, 25/05/21


Am interconnected civilization hypnotised on drugs

Conversations, substances, materialism, ideas, hidden in coffee mugs

Society has decayed from drugs and abuse

The crime and tragedies that stem from their abuse

Transforming pure souls people into additive behaviour

Spinning us away from our true saviour

The organised crime with their tentacles reach

Corrupting, sucking life force leech

As personalities mutate

Into reaching an ever disappearing high state

All the drugs in this world won’t bring back your past

Some try every high they can touch, hoping it will last

Living for the addiction

One high after the next high

This sick addiction I’m living for

Without it emptiness ensues

A medicated lethal concoction

Telling yourself freedom will be tomorrow

Left in the shadows of sorrow

Trying to escape until something touches you

All the highs in the world won’t last

They won’t bring back your past

An angel trying to grasp home

Cycling round in the circus hypermind palindrome.

~DiosRaw, 20/05/21

~The Scandal Of Modern Education~

“It’s a scandal that mainstream notions of reality have still not factored in discoveries from quantum mechanics and general relativity from over 100 years ago! But an even greater scandal is that mainstream thinking hasn’t factored in discoveries from 2,000 years of epistemology. Epistemology isn’t even on the radar of the mainstream. It’s not even taught in schools! This is the great scandal: we get 12 years of mathematics training, and 12 years of history training, but 0 years of epistemology training. How different the world would be if kids were forced to do epistemology rather than math.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=56