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Did You Know {11} ~ Television Word Magic

Television = Telling lies to your vision.

Programs = Programming your subconscious mind.

Relaxing in front of the T.V = Trance/Hypnotic State

Yet the cycle continues as children are thrust in front of the television as soon as they are out of their cots, conditioned from birth to be conditioned by the TV. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are a World of TV watchers. Imagine living your entire life, getting your lowdown on everything that happens on the Planet from this black box in the corner of your room?! Yet people do it, and it only benefits those in power who control those 5 channels. They can propagate anything knowing people will believe it as gospel, and of course the TV would never lie to us would it?!

If people only knew or did the research into what the TV does to the mind then they may just think twice about watching it. As human beings we operate on varying brain wave functions which are alpha, beta, delta, and theta. Our normal resting state is that of beta, this is where we are just going about our daily lives with a certain level of awareness and alertness. This is important when we talk of both the conscious and subconscious minds. Imagine the conscious mind as like the firewall for your computer, filtering information as it comes in and protecting your PC from anything negative or viruses. Your subconscious mind literally cannot think for itself, however if anything gets through and reaches the subconscious it will just react on that information, whatever gets through becomes ideas, viewpoints, and opinions about the World, it becomes our very belief systems. So the conscious mind is extremely important in filtering what comes through to the subconscious. For example you are reading this now so your mind is operating at a normal resting ‘beta’ rate, and your conscious mind is taking in all the information and discerning whether or not it is true, it then either allows(or doesn’t) the information through to your subconscious. Like I said if this is allowed through to the subconscious this will play out in the real World as new opinions, ideas etc. Now what happens when you watch TV is that the actual frequency the television omits literally changes your brainwave pattern from beta to a much more suggestible alpha state. This is almost like a hypnotic trance state, where your conscious mind (firewall) has now been sufficiently relaxed and lowered, almost like being ‘off guard’ which now totally exposes the subconscious mind to the information coming from the television. This is why when you look at people when they are watching TV they actually look like they are in a trance, because mentally that is what is going on, zombified with mouth slightly aghast.

Then what happens when they have you in that hypnotic state? That’s right they hit you with all the advertisements, subliminals, and propaganda, telling you that you need to buy shit you don’t need, telling you what junk food to eat, how to act, look, and think. You are quite literally being programmed, and that’s why after all they are called TV PROGRAMS! Telling a lie to your vision repeating the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year.