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Symbols {66} ~ The Morning Star

The Morning Star is a nickname given to the planet Venus. When the sun is rising, the morning sky shows a bright star in the east. This actually is not a star. It is the planet Venus that appears during sunrise due to its specific positioning. Because of this very reason, Venus can also be seen in the western sky during sunset, and at that time it is referred to as the Evening Star.

Venus has its orbit within the Earth’s orbit and it is also relatively close to the Sun. The planet is the brighter than any other object in the sky, except the Sun & the Moon. Due to its orbital location, Venus is visible in the eastern sky for about an hour before the Sun comes up and fades it away. That is why it got the name The Morning Star. Similarly, it is seen in the evening sky in the west for some time after the Sun sets and becomes the Evening Star.

With the olden civilizations according great importance to celestial bodies and phenomenon, the unique appearance of Venus in the sky made the planet a prominent mythological figure in several ancient cultures. In most cultures, Venus is considered to be a symbol of love, femininity, and fertility.

The early Greeks believed the morning Venus and evening Venus to be two different objects and called them Phosphorus/Eosphoros (‘Light Bringer’ or ‘Dawn Bringer’) and Hesperos (‘the star of the evening’). But, later realized it was the same planet that they named after Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.

Alternately, The Morning Star is also a name given to Jesus Christ. The Morning Star’s appearance indicates the dawn of light that ends a dark night. As such, Jesus Christ as a savior, source of hope and happiness is identified as The Morning Star.

Symbols {47} ~ Star & Crescent

The star and crescent symbol originated in Sumeria. The moon was associated with the god Sin and the star with the goddess Ishtar. The star was set beside the crescent moon. The star represents Venus and the crescent represents the moon. The star crescent symbolized power.

The star crescent was also found in Greece where it was used to represent the moon goddesses, Luna and Diana. The crescent is pointed upward and the star is directly above the moon. It was a symbol of virginity and female chastity.

In the early Roman period, the star crescent was associated with the goddess Hecate.

The star crescent symbol was also used in early Christianity. It was found on coins and seals used by the crusaders.

The star crescent symbol became prevalent in the Ottoman Empire after 1757. The national flag bore a crescent with a star beside it. This symbol was used in mosques and minarets which led to the association with Islam. However, not all Muslims associate the star and crescent with Islam.

Today the star and crescent can be found on flags in Turkey, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mauritania, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Northern Cyprus, and Um al-Quwain. It also appears on numerous coats of arms.

Sacred Geometry {10} ~ Hexagram

The six-pointed star, or what is commonly referred to as the Star of David, has been used in sacred traditions for centuries, even going back to King Solomon in the Old Testament. Symbolizing the ideal meditative state in Hinduism and magical ceremonies in occult practices, the hexagram can fit inside a perfect circle and is often associated with the heart chakra.

Symbols {23} ~ The Star Of David

A Jewish symbol which was originally known as the Shield of David with two triangles overlapping each other in either direction ultimately forming a star. These two triangles symbolize the connection between God and Man or union between male and female.

Widely used in occult circles and Kabbalistic practices, the Star of David represents the union of opposites like fire and water. There are various studies that defy this significance of divine connection and believe that it instead represents the 6 directions in space: Up, down, east, west, north, south, and center (the space in the center of the star).

~Coming From Star Systems~

Remember, all of you came here from different Star Systems and you are powerful beings with incredible powers, which you lost after the DNA manipulations. Your purpose here is to bring Light and free Mother Earth from the Darkness, which stayed here for thousands and thousands of years. Now is the moment for you to end this enslavement.