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~Suppressed Technological Inventions~

You may think that there had been numerous scientific and technological inventions that promised to be life changing. This is true, but if you lack detailed organization followed by powerful action backed by millions and billions of dollars the consequences are that everything is suppressed by governments who are or work for “those powers that shouldn’t be”.


We are standing at a crossroads. The influence that technology has on society and culture is called, technodeterminism. Most of us carry mini supercomputers in our pockets called smartphones. These devices act as external brains which seamlessly integrate into most aspects of our life. Most of us are completely dependent on them for travel, work, communication, entertainment, and beyond. Take a moment to consider the future implications of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine-learning, mass surveillance, automation, genome editing, nanotechnology, and their potential influences on society, culture, and our environment.